Stockton's latest album, Swimming in Place, is out NOW!

Swimming in Place features nine original compositions by Stockton as well as the talents of David Lown on tenor saxophone, Noel Johnston on guitar, Josh Hanlon on piano, and James Driscoll on bass. You can order a copy below, or check out some videos from the recording session.

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Studies In Syncopation by Stockton Helbing provides musicians with a comprehensive collection of syncopated rhythmic etudes in various meters and rhythmic combinations. A powerful tool for either group study or individual study, the book includes:

•  82 rhythmic etudes ranging from meters of 4|4, 3|4, 5|4, 7|4, 6|8, 12|8, 5|8, 7|8, and mixed meters that are divided into etudes featuring either quarter note or eighth notes syncopated rhythms or quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth notes syncopated rhythms.

•  Detailed information on how musicians of any instrument may use the etudes to grow their rhythmic precision and control.

•  Detailed methods that percussionists and drum set players may adapt the etudes for various styles including Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Latin.

•  Methods that composers and arrangers can use to help brainstorm new rhythm approaches in their writing.

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Order in digital format from Maxwell Tree Music HERE.

Here's is a video of the title track from Stockton's new album Swimming in Place:

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