Stockton's latest album, Swimming in Place, is out NOW!

Swimming in Place features nine original compositions by Stockton as well as the talents of David Lown on tenor saxophone, Noel Johnston on guitar, Josh Hanlon on piano, and James Driscoll on bass. You can order a copy below, or check out some videos from the recording session.

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Studies In Syncopation by Stockton Helbing provides musicians with a comprehensive collection of syncopated rhythmic etudes in various meters and rhythmic combinations. A powerful tool for either group study or individual study, the book includes:

•  82 rhythmic etudes ranging from meters of 4|4, 3|4, 5|4, 7|4, 6|8, 12|8, 5|8, 7|8, and mixed meters that are divided into etudes featuring either quarter note or eighth notes syncopated rhythms or quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth notes syncopated rhythms.

•  Detailed information on how musicians of any instrument may use the etudes to grow their rhythmic precision and control.

•  Detailed methods that percussionists and drum set players may adapt the etudes for various styles including Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Latin.

•  Methods that composers and arrangers can use to help brainstorm new rhythm approaches in their writing.

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Order in digital format from Maxwell Tree Music HERE.

Here's is a video of the title track from Stockton's new album Swimming in Place:

Stockton Helbing joins GDYO Jazz Institute as Artist in Residence

The Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra is proud and excited to welcome Stockton Helbing as Artist in Residence for the GDYO Jazz Institute. Mr. Helbing is well known throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area as a drummer, band leader, and educator. His extensive professional experience will provide students of the GDYO Jazz Institute the unique opportunity to spend time closely with a seasoned, professional jazz musician. Mr. Helbing's duties will include conducting masterclasses for all students on jazz techniques, drum set masterclasses, rehearsing and advising each student combo, and performances with the students and faculty.

“I'm excited for this opportunity to work in my community with young musicians and to share the experiences and lessons that I have learned over the years,” Helbing said. “Many great jazz musicians, particularly Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen, invested in my future as a musician through words of wisdom and side-by-side performance experiences. I hope to share those real-world lessons with the talented young people in the GDYO Jazz Institute.”

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Big Band Drum Set Sight Reading Etudes Volume 1 provides a modern, multifaceted approach to learning how to become a better equipped musical drummer for any big band situation. Each of the twenty five etudes are jam packed with real world musical scenarios that typically frustrate and confuse drummers. The author provides quick, efficient help in negotiating these sight reading pitfalls with the inclusion of helpful tools for each etude:

•  Keys to Success : five specific, musical goals highlighted and explained clearly and succinctly.

•  Listening Examples : an iTunes link and list of an artist, album, song, and drummer that reflects the musical style of each etude.

•  Video Examples : a YouTube link to a video of the author demonstrating each etude in its entirety

When coupled with the etudes, these educational tools, provide a springboard for drummers to hone their abilities to handle any musical eventuality they may encounter in a big band.

Order in digital format from Maxwell Tree Music HERE.

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